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Director's Address

Prof. KUANG Guangli

Director of High Magnetic Field National Laboratory (Preparatory)

The High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHMFL) was established in May, 2008. CHMFL provides facility for frontier studies in high magnetic fields and develops cutting-edge high magnetic field technologies.


The laboratory includes two main missions: (1) to develop and construct high magnetic field conditions to cater to the requirements of multi-disciplinary scientists, (2) to conduct scientific studies in the field of physics, functional material, chemistry, life sciences, and pharmacology, in the extreme condition of high magnetic field.

Since its establishment in 2008, a series of high field magnets and related experimental instruments were under construction. So far, constructions of five water-cooled resistive magnets have been completed and they will be put in operation. The world-record-holding water-cooled DC magnets of 39T/Φ32 and 36T/Φ50 are available for experiments. Experimental instruments coupled to the magnets, such as transport measurements, magnetic measurements, condensed matter NMR, high field ESR, combinational microscopes (STM & AFM & MFM) are in operation and ready to accept proposals from users. Five NMR facilities, including a water-cooled DC magnet of 1.066GHz/25T/Φ50 and a high field (9.4T), wide bore (Φ400) MRI facility are also in operation. A hybrid magnet (with a superconducting magnet in the outer set and a water-cooled resistive magnet inside) aiming to produce steady field of 45T/Φ32 is expected to be ready in 2014. According to the approval letter from central government of China, the “National Research Center of High Magnetic Field” will be formally founded upon accomplishment of the national facility.

Along with constructions of the high-magnetic-field facility, an in-house research team is very actively working in CHMFL. The team includes more than 20 PIs and about 200 staffs and graduate students. I hope that the high-magnetic-field facility can attract more and more talented scientists to the lab to share the resources. We expect that the magic power from the high magnetic field may provide enormous help to realize your scientific dream.

You are sincerely welcome to utilize the specific high-magnetic-field facility for your thoughtful experiments.