Principal Investigator of Magnetobiology

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Biography & Introduction 

Education Background

2001.9-2007.4  Ph. D.   Indiana University, Bloomington. U.S. 

1996.9-2001.6  Bachelor   Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing, China 

Professional Activities

2012. 7-Present  Principal Investigator, High Magnetic Field Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China

2008.3-2012.7    Postdoc, Harvard Medical School/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, U.S.

2007.4-2008.2    Postdoc, Indiana University, Bloomington. U.S.



Selected Publications (#Co-first author, * Corresponding author)

  1. Md Hasanuzzaman Khan#, Xinfeng Huang#, Xiaofei Tian, Changjie Ouyang, Dongmei Wang, Shuang Feng, Jutao Chen, Tian Xue*, Jin Bao*, Xin Zhang*. Short and Long-term Effects of 3.5-23.0 Tesla Ultra-High Magnetic Fields on Mice Behaviour. European Radiology. 2022. DOI: 10.1007/s00330-022-08677-8.
  2. Yue Lv, Yixiang Fan, Xiaofei Tian, Biao Yu, Chao Song, Chuanlin Feng, Lei Zhang, Xinmiao Ji, Vitalii Zablotskii, Xin Zhang*. A 33 T The Anti-depressive Effects of Ultra-high Static Magnetic Field. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2021. DOI: 10.1002/jmri.28035.
  3. Xiaofei Tian#, Yue Lv#, Yixiang Fan, Ze Wang, Biao Yu, Chao Song, Qingyou Lu, Chuanying Xi, Li Pi, Xin Zhang*. Safety Evaluation of Mice Exposed to 7.0–33.0 T High Static Magnetic Fields. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2021. 53(6):1872-1884.
  4. Zhiyuan Li, Xin Zhang*. Phospho-regulation and function of ULK1-ATG13 during the cell cycle. Autophagy. 2021. 17(4):1054-1056.
  5. Biao Yu#, Juanjuan Liu#, Jing Cheng, Lei Zhang, Chao Song, Xiaofei Tian, Yixiang Fan, Yue Lv, Xin Zhang*. A Static Magnetic Field Improves Iron Metabolism and Prevents High-Fat-Diet/streptozocin-Induced Diabetes. The Innovation. 2021. 2(1): 100071.
  6. Yong Qian#, Dongmei Wang#, Xiaofei Tian#, Hongji Liu, Xingyu Wang, Hai Li, Qianwang Chen, Xin Zhang*, Hui Wang*. Synthesis of urchin-like nickel nanoparticles with enhanced rotating magnetic field induced cell necrosis and tumor inhibition. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2020. 400(15): 125823.
  7. Zhiyuan Li*, Xiaofei Tian, Xinmiao Ji, Junjun Wang, Hanxiao Chen, Dongmei Wang, and Xin Zhang*. ULK1-ATG13 and their mitotic phospho-regulation by CDK1 connect autophagy to cell cycle. Plos Biology. 2020. 18(6): e3000288.
  8. Qingping Tao#, Lei Zhang#*, Xuyao Han, Hanxiao Chen, Xinmiao Ji, Xin Zhang*. Magnetic Susceptibility Difference-induced Nucleus Positioning in Gradient Ultra-high Magnetic Field. Biophysical Journal. 2020. 118(3):578-585
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  16. Xin Zhang, Wenchao Wang, Anne Bedigian, Margaret Coughlin, Tim Mitchison and Ulrike S. Eggert. Dopamine receptor DRD3 regulates endocytic sorting by a Prazosin-sensitive interaction with COPI. PNAS. 2012. 109(31):12485.
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