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Magnetic Property Measurement System(MPMS)

  The modular MPMS design integrates a Superconductivity QUantum Interference Device (SQUID) detection system, a precision temperature control unit residing in the bore of a high-field superconducting magnet, and a sophisticated computer operating system.

Magnetic Property Measurement System




Current statusin service

Technical indexes

¨ Measurement precision 10-6 emu

¨ Temperature range 1.9 K 400 K

¨ Maximum field 7 T

¨ Residual field < 2 Gauss

¨ Sweep rate 0.001 10 K/min

¨ Frequency range 0.1 Hz 1000 Hz

The main attachments / Application

¨ DC and AC magnetization measurements

  • Reciprocating sample measurement system used for high precision magnetic property measurement

  • Sample space oven used for measurement between 300 K and 800 K

  • iHelium3 system used for measurement under 0.5 K ~ 2 K

  • Pressure cell used for measurement under pressure up to 10 Kbar

  • Horizontal sample rotator used for Anisotropy measurements


Magnetic measurement under 0.5 K ~ 2 K; magnetic measurement under 10 Kbar.



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