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The 2nd International Advisory Committee Of CHMFL held
Author:F.P. ZHANG    |    Time:2012-01-05    |    Hits:

  The second session of International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS, (CHMFL) was held from Dec. 19-22, 2011 at Hefei and Yellow Mountain respectively.  

  10 IAC Members visited the brand new laboratory, which was under construction two yeas ago when the first IAC Meeting was held in Dec. 2009. They were deep impressed by the big progress both in infrastructure engineering construction and scientific research made in CHMFL within two years.

  During the meeting, Prof. Kuang Guangli, direactor of CHMFL , giving a brief introduction about the detail progress  in construction of magnets manufacturing,scientific measurement system, facilities installation and the plan in the nearly future. Eleven  scientists from CHMFL and three user’s representative presented their academic report achieved in CHMFL after part of its instruments was put into trial operation in Oct. 2010. IAC members highly evaluated the construction and development of CHMFL within two years and had contributed their valuable compliments and pertinent recommendations to the future development of CHMFL.   

 IAC members were listening overview  report   laboratory tour