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SHMFF Devices put into trial operation
Author:Z.H. LIN    |    Time:2010-11-01    |    Hits:

  On Oct. 28th, The High Magnetic Field Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHMFL) celebrated the completion of the first few experimental devices of the Steady High Magnetic Field Experimental Facility (SHMFF), which was funded by National "Eleventh Five-Year" big science projects. These devices will be put into trial operation while other devices are under construction.

  The executive vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences and chair of SHMFF leading group, Dr. BAI Cunli, who was on a visit abroad, and vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of basic research and Big Science projects, Dr. ZHAN Wenlong, sent congratulatory letters to CHMFL. 

  The Steady High Magnetic Field Experimental Facility (SHMFF)Project was approved by National Development and Reform Commission on January 25th, 2007. The goal is to establish a high magnetic field platform for frontier researches in physics, chemistry, materials science, and life science. According to the construction plan proved by National Development and Reform Commission, the construction of the SHMFF Device will last five years; in the 3rd year, certain early-built devices will be put into trial operation. After two and a half years’ construction, the science building and experimental hall are complete, and two high magnetic field facilities and seven experimental measuring systems are now open to outside users.

  CAS academicians, Professor GAN Zizhao from Peiking University, Professor WEI Baowen from Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, and Professor YE Caohui from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS were elected to be the chairman and vice chairmen of the Scientific committee. In the following scientific committee meeting, Dr. LIU Minghua issued appointment letters to the scientific committee members on behalf of Chinese Academic of Sciences. SHMFF General Manager, Dr KUANG Guangli, SHMFF chief scientist, Dr. ZHANG Yuheng and SHMFF chief engineer, Dr. GAO Bingjun, reported to the CHMFL scientific committee of SHMFF construction progress, research projects and personal recruitment. SHMFF scientific committee then discussed about related topics and drafted the bylaw for SHMFF user committee.

  On Oct. 28th and 29th, seven Internationally renowned  scientists working in high magnetic field presented their research progresses. In the afternoon of 29th, SHMFF user committee held the first user committee meeting.

Attendees to the ceremony included members of the SHMFF scientific committee, which was formed by more than 10 CAS Academicians , GAN Zizhao, YE Chaohui, PAN Yuan, FAN Shoushan, SHEN Xuechu, XIA Jianbai, HE Duohui, SHI Yunyu, DU Youwei, ZHANG Yuheng, chair of CHMFL International Advisory Committee (IAC), Professor CAO Gang from Kentucky University, CHMFL IAC member, Professor HU Xiaoping from Emory University and more than 30 scientists and experts from universities worldwide and CAS Institutes. 
 The ceremony for SHMFFdevices trial runing  (imaged by FP)  
 Scientific Committee of CHMFL held the first Meeting  (imaged by FP)