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Extremely high coercivity be found in weak ferromagnetic LuFeO3 in CHMFL
Author:L PI    |    Time:2012-08-16    |    Hits:

Recently, the researchers in CHMFL, led by Prof. Pi Li , discovered strong anisotropy and extremely high coercivity in weak ferromagnetic LuFeO3 using X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) and other measurement systems. The experimental results reveal that LuFeO3 is a kind of super hard magnetic material. It is of much significance both in scientific research and technological application.

Magnetic materials can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials according to the magnitude of residual magnetization or the degree of difficulty of demagnetization after the materials are magnetized. Hard magnetic materials, also called permanent magnetic materials, have high residual magnetization, coercivity, and magnetic energy product. They are mainly used to provide steady magnetic field in lots of devices such as loud speaker, kinescope, and duplicator. The exploration of new permanent magnetic materials is always a hot spot.

  This work has been published in Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 052407 (2012).