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CHMFL Scientists visits Tsukuba High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Japan
Author:Z.H. LIN    |    Time:2010-03-09    |    Hits:

Six scientists from High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS, (CHMFL) visited Tsukuba High Magnetic Field Laboratory (TML) of Japanese National Institute for Materials Science. They were from the magnet construction department and the physics department of CHMFL. Dr. SUN Yuping, the deputy director of CHMFL, headed up the CHMFL mission team.

Arranged by Dr. Kiyoshi from TML, Chinese scientists investigated the external magnettest systems at TML and its magnet related scientific researches. In-depth exchanges and discussions on researches under high magnetic fieldwere carried out, and the topics include: superconducting, mesoscopic transport, magnetic refrigeration materials and so on. The CHMFL team also paid brief visits to the high field magnet super-conducting material laboratory at the Institute of Super-metallic Materials, Tohoku University, as well as the high magnetic field laboratory of Institute of Physical Science, University of Tokyo. Scientists from CHMFL learned the operating status of various magnets at different laboratories and held discussion with Japanese scientists on researches related with high field magnetic technology.

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