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High Field Magnetic Laboratories should enhance cooperation, Jos Perenboom Says
Author:F.P. ZHANG    |    Time:2012-07-16    |    Hits:

  From July 10-13, Dr Jos Perenboom, from High Field Magnet Lab. Radbound University Nijmegen, Netherlands visited High Magnetic Field Laboratory(CHMFL)in Hefei.

  Dr. Jos Perenboom on talk In CHMFL

During the visit, Dr Perenboom presented a talk in CHMFL entitled Developments at the High Field Magnet Laboratory in Nijmegen. He introduced the general programs and large facilities at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the ongoing development program of a 45 T hybrid magnet system, and on the development program of far-infrared free electron lasers for high accuracy magneto-optical research.He also gave some examples of research done at HFML in recent years.

  Dr Perenboom also went around the laboratory. He visited different laboratories, the magnetic fabricating and testing workshop, as well as the installation sections . During his visit, he exchanged his idea with the scientists and technicians on site. As a experienced expert in high magnetic field both in scientific research and engineering management, his valuable suggestions  and recommendations were very much appreciated by the staff members in CHMFL.  

  I was deep impressed by the progress in CHMFL. There were many similarities in our two Laboratories. I would like to see more personnel exchanging and  sharing experiences between the two labs, said Dr. Jos Perenboom.(Imaged by FP) 

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