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CHMFL's First Resistive Magnet put on performance
Author:Z.H. LIN    |    Time:2013-01-18    |    Hits:
 A combined testing experiment on WM4, the first resistive magnet  was carried out on Jan. 16th 2013 at High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academic of Science (CHMFL). A field strength of 26.5 tesla was reached with 10 megawatt/ 20000-A DC current input. This  indicates a great progress has been made in the construction of the national steady state High Magnetic Field facilities. It also marks that the technology to develop resistive magnets in China has reached the world advanced level .
The national project taken by CHMFL was to construct 4 home-built resistive magnets and a hybrid magnet. These magnets will share one sets of DC power supply and water cooling system as well as automatic control and protection system, but possess different bore sizes and electrical power, to meet various experimental needs. The successful test of WM4, the first resistive magnet developed by CHMFL, not only demonstrated the reliabilities of all supporting systems, but also proves the capabiities of magnet design and fabrication technology at CHMFL.
WM4 is under construction(photo by FP)