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MRI Seminar hold in Science Island
Author:F.P. ZHANG    |    Time:2013-08-13    |    Hits:
Upon proposal of the CHMFL, the academic seminar on high magnetic field MRI study was held in Medical Physics Center of Hefei Institutes of Physic Science on 25th July, 2013. More than 30 professors, experts from Universities, Hospitals and relative institutes attend the meeting. They contributed their comments and suggestions on how to make better use and explore the advantages & Specialty of the 9.4T MRI facility in future research.

Prof. Kai Zhong, director of the MRI laboratory, introduced his team and the facilities in the lab. and show the attendance the lab. and the auxiliary facilities as well as the environment. The cutting-edge MRI facility and research condition impressed the visitors on site a lot.

During the meeting, Participants proposed many of the subjects that would be potential applications and joint cooperation fields. Such as: the liver cancer cell imaging, Animal models of cancer metastasis, cerebral ischemia, Osteoarthritis and Old visual study of the process and mechanism of cognitive decline……

Yunyu Shi, Academician CAS, A Prof. from USTC indicated that there is an outstanding research team in high magnetic field study, the 9.4T MRI platform will strengthen the cooperation between USTC and CHMFL. Hopefully, the complement each other's advantages would achieved fruitful results.
“9.4T MRI is a opening comprehensive research platform for cooperation between the scientists in basic research and experts in clinical medical science. As the supervisor of the device, our duty is explore more and better function of the facility and provides our users satisfactory service”. Prof.Kai Zhong said. (photo by WU Yun) 

 Prof.Kai Zhong giving a talk on the seminar


 The site of the meeting