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WM4 of SHMFF Refreshed a New Record
Author:F.P.ZHANG    |    Time:2013-09-17    |    Hits:

On September 2nd,2013, the WM4(power 10MW, bore32mm ), one of the water cooling resistive magnets of the Steady High Magnet Field Facility (SHMFF) reach a new world record: a magnetic field strength of 27.53 Tesla was reached at 19700-A DC current. It’s the highest field strength in the world produced within a single resistive magnet under the DC power of 10 MW.

So far, a historical record of magnetic field strength of 27 Tesla was achieved in a (10 MW 32mm)magnet with DC power in National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL), Tallahassee, FL, USA and 25 Tesla (10MW 32mm) in MIT, USA. The data was set in 1994,1995 respectively.

The SHMFF is one of the 11th 5-year Chinese national major scientific and technological infrastructure construction projects. WM4 is the first water cooling resistive magnet which has been in state of operation. The whole magnet system, including the supporting power supply, water cooling system, central control system, is designed and developed independently by our engineers and staffs in High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS.


 WM4 under experiment



 on site field measurement waveform