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Chinese-German High Field MRI Workshop held in CHMFL
Author:F.P. ZHANG    |    Time:2013-10-22    |    Hits:

The Chinese-German High Field MRI Workshop was held from Oct. 13th to 17th 2013 at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HMFL), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Hefei, China. The workshop was jointly organized by Prof. Kai Zhong from CHMFL and Prof. Jurgen Hennig from University of Freiburg, Germany and sponsored by the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion (SGC).


The theme of the workshop is to bring top MRI scientists from Germany to China and to discuss recent advances in high field MRI with Chinese colleagues, with a specific focus on pre-clinical animal studies. More than 40 scientists in MRI and related research fields attended the meeting, including 15 top experts from renowned German institutions, such as University of Freiburg, and Max-Planck Institute. More than 20 talks, mainly focusing on high field MRI technology development, MRI spectroscopy, molecular imaging, and preclinical studies were presented by researchers from Germany and China. Participants from both sides also had the chance to exchange their ideas and to exploit possibilities for extended future collaboration.


The participants were also impressed by the site visit to HMFL, especially the National Large Scale Scientific Devices Program. Many had expressed their enthusiasm for future collaboration, taking advantage of the excellent infra-structure HMFL has built around large animal MRI.


Participants from both sides believe that the meeting had provide a excellent platform for further collaborations between Chinese and German scientists and set the basis for fruitful long-term research projects on high field MRI and related topics.



 Prof. Speck Oliver on the talk



 meeting scene



 site view to the MRI lab. of CHMFL