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Extremely low Temperature measurement system available in CHMFL
Author:C.Y. XI    |    Time:2014-07-07    |    Hits:

Early in April, a top-loading 3He system was complted seting-up on one of the water cooled magnet, WM4,in CHMFL. The highest magnet field is 27 Tesla with a room temperature bore of 32mm. It’s the first time for the extremely condition with both low temperature and High Magnetic field was obtained in China.

The temperature range of the inset could be vary from 0.3k to 70K. The available sample space is 17mm i.d. This system can also be run on WM1 with a maximum field of 38 Tesla and hybrid magnet with a maximum field of 45 Tesla. The transportation and magnetization experiments could be performed as the facility pu in operation.

This system is also a top-loading cryostat with a temperature range of 1.5K-325K. The sample is loaded into dynamic vapor/liquid. The available sample space is 17mm and uses the same probes as the 3He insert.



The top-loading 3He system on WM1