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Three CHMFL researchers attend International Conference on Magnet Technology
Author:Y.F. TAN    |    Time:2011-09-26    |    Hits:

  The 22nd International Conference on Magnet Technology was held from 11 to 16 Sep. 2011. in Marseilles, France. Three Scientific researchers from High Magnetic Field Laboratory ,Chinese Academy of Sciences(CHMFL), Guangli Kuang, Wenge Chen and Yunfei Tan were invited to attend this  meeting.

  Prof. Guangli Kuang gave an oral presentation titled "A Model Coil for the Superconducting Outsert of a 40T Hybrid Magnet". Prof. Wenge Chen and Dr. Yunfei Tan show their posters about Performance Test and AC losses Analysis of the Model Coil, respectively during the conference. The fact of successful manufacturing and excellent test results of the Nb3Sn model magnet made by CHMFL attracted much attention among researchers from related labs  worldwide.

  They also be invited to visite European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and High Magnet Lab of France along with other representatives during this conference. They had discussed and exchanged ideas with the local researchers about the related technical issues of Many Spiral water-cooled magnets and Superconducting Outsert Magnets.

  International Conference on Magnet Technology ,which holds every 2 years, is the largest and most authoritative conference in Magnet technical field. It involves a wide range of areas such as Fusion Magnets, High field Magnets, NMR, MRI etc. This conference was held just  the time when  a hundred  anniversary  celebration of the discovery of the superconducting phenomenon, therefore there were more than 900 related researchers in the world attended the meeting to menorialize  the historic moment.