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Professor Cross from National High Magnetic Laboratory, USA, visits CHMFL
Author:Z.H. LIN    |    Time:2011-06-07    |    Hits:

  As an extreme experimental condition, high magnet field has provided a new approach for scientific researches in physics, chemistry, material sciences and life science. Studies under high magnetic field conditions has become a very active research field, and many important discoveries were achieved in recent years.

 Dr. Tim Cross on Lecture 

  On May 24th. 2011, Dr. Tim Cross, the director of magnetic resonance program of National High Magneitc Field Laboratory, USA (NHMFL), paid a visit at High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS (CHMFL). He presented a talk entitled " the Bright Future of Scientific Researches in High Magnetic Field”. Scientists from Univerty of Science and Technology, CHMFL, and Institute of Solid State Physics attended the seminar which was hosted by Dr. Junfeng Wang from CHMFL.Professor Cross reported the up-to-date research progresses and bright future of relevant research areas in high magnetic field. His talk attracted great interests among the audience, extensive idea exchanges were made during the seminar.

  Dr. KUANG Guangli, the director of CHMFL, hosted Professor Tim Cross, after the seminar. He welcomed Dr. Cross for his visit at CHMFL. Extensive discussions were made on many topics of both interests, including the construction of high magnetic field experimental facilities, inter-discipline researches under high magnetic field conditions, and future collaborations between two high magnetic laboratories.

  Dr. Cross is a world renown scientist in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) field, and a pioneer in studying membrane protein structure with solid state NMR. He has been serving in the editorial boards of many top-notched scientific journals, and were selected to be the fellow of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Fellow of the Biophysics Society. He was winners of the Mary A. Terry award, NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, and Distinguished Research Professor of Florida State University.