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CAS Einstein Professor Juergen Hennig visiting in Hefei
Author:F.P. ZHANG    |    Time:2011-11-12    |    Hits:

  From Nov. 4 to 7, 2011, Prof. J. Hennig, department director of Radiology, Medical Physics, University Freiburg Germany, visited CHMFL and the USTC in Hefei as an awardee of the CAS Einstein Professor. 

  Prof.Hennig's lecture in CHMFL


  Professor Hennig is one of the pioneer in the field of magnetic resonance imaging and enjoys a high reputation worldwide in this area. In the past 25 years, his research team developed a series of Cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging techniques, including fast-echo imaging, magnetic EEG, non-linear imaging technology etc. He is also a old friend of Chinese people and had visited China almost every year since he came to China first time in 1985. He has been the honorary member of Chinese Medical Association and the Society of Radiology.


  During his visits in Hefei, He delivered two lectures titled “High Field MRI Opportunities and Challenges” and “Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Visions of Life” respectively in CHMFL and USTC. With great interesting, more than 150 audiences, including scientific researchers, Clinicians, graduated students from CHMFL, Medical Physics and Technology Center, Anhui Medical University, the local hospitals and USTC Listened the talks. Further more, they have made a in-depth academic discuss and communication either on the lecture or  when Prof. Hennig’s visit thelaboratory.

  Prof. Kuang Guangli,director of CHMFL met and talked with Prof. Hennig. They both agreed to build a close cooperation between the department of radiology, University Freiburg (Germany)and CHMFL in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. As the first step, it will begin from the following aspects, such as organizing Seminar or academic colloquium jointly, sharing of relevant technological documents and the scientific data, exchanging of researchers and graduate students etc. Prof. Hennig pleased accepted Prof. Kuang’s invitation to be the International advisory Committee member of CHMFL. (Photoes provided by FP ) 

 Cooperation agreement Signature  Lab. tour in the CHMFL