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Mice of Transgenic Engineering Settled in CHMFL
Author:WC LIN    |    Time:2014-12-26    |    Hits:

Laboratory Animal Facility of High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CHMFL) was established completely near the end of 2014. The facility has already obtained animals usage licenses certificated by Anhui province committee of science and technology.

The total plant area of animal facility is about 230 square meters. The facility has capacity to host 1000 IVC cages for laboratory mouse and laboratory rat. As an auxiliary facility of Steady High Magnetic Field Facility (SHMFF) which is one of Big-Science Facilities in Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Laboratory Animal Facility is a partner and a resource for activities that involve experiments including animal imaging and preclinical studies. It is open for use by in-house, national and international scientists.  

 As an integrated platform to study biological sciences at High Magnetic Field Laboratory, currently there are more than 30 genetically modified mouse strains which can be used as models of human diseases and a number of immunodeficient mouse models. A research group has established  aiming to investigate the pathological mechanism of lung cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, skin cancer and conduct cancer preclinical research in collaboration with the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory and the Pharmacology group at High Magnetic Field Laboratory.


some views of the laboratory animal facility