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Prof. Dan Dessau from University of Colorado, Boulder visits CHMFL
Author:Y. Xiong    |    Time:2015-06-08    |    Hits:

Prof. Dan Dessau from Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder visited High Magnetic Field Laboratory of CAS (CHMFL) on June 3rd. During his visit, Prof. Dan Dessau gave a presentation entitled “High resolution ARPES and time-resolved ARPES for the study of novel electronic materials”.

Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) has recently emerged as one of the most powerful probes of the electronic structure of a solid, directly giving the detailed energy-momentum dispersion relations (band structures), Fermi surfaces, etc. – properties that are the starting point for almost all analyses of the physical properties of a solid.

Prof. Dan Dessau presented an overview of some of their recent results and efforts on topological materials, colossal magnetoresistive oxides, high temperature superconductors, and strongly spin-orbit coupled electronic materials. He placed particular attention on their recent work on high Tc superconductors, as these are some of the most important and enigmatic new electronic materials known to man. Questions and potential collaborations were discussed during and after the talk.

During his visit, Prof. Dessau had a site tour of the CHMFL facilities and was very impressed by the record-setting resistive magnets. He expressed his enthusiasm for more collaborations.

Dan Dessau is a full professor in University of Colorado Boulder and is presently Vice Chair of the Division of Materials Physics, American Physical Society. He has been at the forefront of electronic spectroscopies of correlated systems for many years, especially for the development of high resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and laser-ARPES. His publications have been cited over 8000 times. 



 Prof. Dessau in the talk


 site visit