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Pro. GAO Bingjun presents a talk on MT24
Author:F.P. Zhang    |    Time:2015-11-02    |    Hits:

The 24th International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT24) was held in Seoul, Korea, from Oct. 19th to 23rd, 2015. Prof. GAO Bingjun, chief engineer of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CAS (CHMFL), presented an invited talk during the conference and was highly appraised among the participants.


The talk, entitled: Water Cooled Resistive Magnets at CHMFL presented by Prof. GAO, focused on the progress of the Steady High Magnetic Field Facility, especially the development of five water cooled magnets as well as the experiment results achieved on those devices. Particularly, the three world-record-setting resistive magnets created by the scientists and technicians in CHMFL received much attentions from the participants. Prof. GAO’s talk attracted great interests during and after the conference. Besides, Prof. CHEN Wenge, Prof. TAN Yunfei, from CHMFL also presented two posters named: Construction of Cryostat Components for the CHMFL Hybrid Magnet Superconducting Outsert, and Study on the Fault Conditions of Heat Treatment for the Nb3Sn Strand respectively on the conference. They had extensive discussions with the scientists and technicians from the US, France, Netherlands etc. on the relative issues of high Magnetic Field during the five-day meeting. 


The MT24th attracted more than 1000 conventioneers from 29 countries over the world and also celebrated its 50 anniversary during the meeting. The International Conference on Magnet Technology, started from 1965, is the largest and most authoritative meeting in the field, discussing issues like: magnets, materials, low temperature and power supply, medicine and biological as well as the industrial applications et. The MT 25th will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2017.


 Prof. GAO's Talk