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2020-12-18 iMFRC: A New International Research Center for Magnetobiology Launched in Science Island
2019-10-22 The 8th International Conference on Magneto-Science successfully held
2019-05-07 "2019 CHMFL Workshop on Magneto-optics" Held in Hefei
2019-05-07 Prof. A.V. Kimel from Netherlands Visits CHMFL
2017-09-29 CHMFL Completes Construction of Steady High Magnetic Field Facility
2017-04-28 CHMFL Builds World’s Largest Kinase-based Whole-cell Screening Library
2016-11-16 CHMFL Successfully Tests 40 Tesla Hybrid Magnet
2016-11-11 CHMFL Achieves High Field of 10 Tesla in Large-scale Superconducting Magnet
2016-01-20 Structurally Perfect Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate Proposed by SHMFF Users
2016-01-19 Dr Xianjie Liu from Linkoping University visits CHMFL
2015-11-09 Three Experts from HFML Netherlands Visit CHMFL
2015-11-02 Pro. GAO Bingjun presents a talk on MT24
2015-10-23 Prof. Jainendra K. Jain from Penn State visits CHMFL
2015-10-22 Directors of NHMFL Visit CHMFL
2015-10-15 Prof. Amoureux from France visits CHMFL
2015-09-22 Dr. Bin Yuan from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio visit CHMFL
2015-09-08 High Magnetic Field Colloquium:Ying Liu Lecture
2015-07-21 Memorandum of understanding signed by global high-magnetic-field community
2015-06-25 Prof. Oliver Speck from University of Magdeburg visits CHMFL
2015-06-19 WM1 Sets a New World Record in CHMFL
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