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2015-06-19 Prof. Rongying Jin from Louisiana State University visits CHMFL
2015-06-08 Prof. Dan Dessau from University of Colorado, Boulder visits CHMFL
2015-05-27 Dr. Andrey Mishchenko from RIKEN visits CHMFL
2015-05-22 Hefei mini-workshop on Skyrmions held in CHMFL
2015-05-21 Dr. Honghai Song of Michigan State University visits CHMFL
2015-04-23 Prof. Eyal Buks from Israel institute of technology visits CHMFL
2014-12-26 Mice of Transgenic Engineering Settled in CHMFL
2014-12-15 Scientists From NHMFL visit CHMFL
2014-11-27 Professor Juergen Hennig visits High Magnetic Field Laboratory
2014-11-09 The Third CHMFL International Advisory Committee Meeting Held
2014-09-28 Thomas E. Mallouk visits CHMFL
2014-07-10 International Seminar on High Magnetic Field held in CHMFL
2014-07-07 Extremely low Temperature measurement system available in CHMFL
2014-04-29 WM5 generates 35T, a new world record
2013-10-22 Chinese-German High Field MRI Workshop held in CHMFL
2013-09-17 WM4 of SHMFF Refreshed a New Record
2013-08-13 MRI Seminar hold in Science Island
2013-06-21 9.4 T wide bore MRI system in operation in CHMFL
2013-04-25 Prof. Tim Mitchison visits CHMFL
2013-01-18 CHMFL's First Resistive Magnet put on performance
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