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News Archive
2013-01-22 Dutch Embassy Officer Visits CHMFL
2012-12-02 Prof. Maan from HFML Netherlands visits CHMFL
2012-09-05 600MHz Solid State NMR Spectrometer Installation completed
2012-08-16 Extremely high coercivity be found in weak ferromagnetic LuFeO3 in CHMFL
2012-07-16 High Field Magnetic Laboratories should enhance cooperation, Jos Perenboom Says
2012-07-22 Prof. Moses Chan Visits CHMFL
2012-03-23 Helium Refrigerator of Cryogenic System for SHMFF Commissioning Successfully
2012-05-29 The world’s first high field STM-MFM-AFM microscope combo system is built
2012-01-05 The 2nd International Advisory Committee Of CHMFL held
2011-11-12 CAS Einstein Professor Juergen Hennig visiting in Hefei
2011-09-26 Three CHMFL researchers attend International Conference on Magnet Technology
2011-08-29 China’s first Nb3Sn CICC superconducting magnet successfully developed at CHMFL
2011-06-07 Professor Cross from National High Magnetic Laboratory, USA, visits CHMFL
2011-04-20 Large Well Vacuum/Atmosphere-Protection Heat Treatment System Developed
2010-12-06 CHMFL Received Einstein Professorship Support from CAS
2010-11-01 SHMFF Devices put into trial operation
2010-06-10 Dr. Victor Moshchalkov visited HMFL
2010-03-09 CHMFL Scientists visits Tsukuba High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Japan
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