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    This is the homepage of Professor Junfeng Wang's group at the high magnetic field laboratory of CAS. We focus on studying the three dimensional structures and functions of disease-related membrane proteins using NMR technique.  



 Prof. Junfeng Wang and his group members 


Research interests 

    Many important biological functions, such as the cross-membrane nutrients transport, neural signal transduction, cell-cell interactions are implemented by membrane proteins, which count for 30% of the protein genomes. Mutations and dysfunctions of membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins result in various diseases, and over 60% of current drug targets are membrane proteins. The ongoing researches in the lab focus on membrane protein structure determination and protein-lipid interactions, with the goal of providing structural and dynamical insights on cross-membrane signaling and other protein-membrane recognition events. The primary tool we are using is solution NMR spectroscopy, which is ideal for determining protein structure, characterizing protein dynamics and inter-molecular interactions in solution. 



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