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  •  Xin Zhang graduated from Health Science Center in Beijing University with a Bachelor's degree in Medicine in 2001. She obtained her PhD degree in 2007 studying mitosis and its regulation by mitotic kinesins and Aurora kinases in Indiana University, Bloomington, under the direction of Prof. Claire Walczak. In 2008, she started postdoctoral research in Ulrike Eggert's lab at Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the area of chemical biology, biochemistry and cell biology. In 2012, she moved back to China as a principal investigator at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Hefei. 




     Prof. ZHANG Xin and her group members



     Main Research Interest:                                                                                  
     1. Cellular responses and molecular mechanisms in high static magnetic field. 
     2. Small molecular inhibitors of membrane trafficking and/or cell division. 
     3. Endocytosis, membrane trafficking and cell division.


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