MR life science division
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laborary

 Our Laborary, headed by Prof. ZHONG Kai, equipped with a High field MRI (9.4T/Φ400). It’s the first large mammals MRI system in Asia-Pacific region. An integrated animal studies environment (SPF) facilities is built simultaneously. The system could afford a convenient and high level technology platform for domestic and overseas researchers .


 High field MRI (9.4TΦ400)

 MRI image analysis


Technical Parameters:

Magnetic Field Intensity

9.4 T

Diameter of Magne

400 mm

Gradient Magnetic Field

100/300/2000 mT/m

RF Channel


Mass of Magnetic Shielding

120 ton


Research Fields:

High Magnetic Field MRI technique

Phase Imaging

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

High resolution fast in vivo imaging

Multi-channel transmitting and acquisition technique

MRI contrast agent

Large mammals study with MRI

Neurodegeneration study with MRI

Animal obesity and tumor study with MRI




 Prof. ZHONG Kai's Research Team