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The world’s first high field STM-MFM-AFM microscope combo system is built

  Prof. Qingyou Lu of High magnetic field laboratory, CAS(CHMFL) has successfully built the high field STM-MFM-AFM (SMA) microscope combo system for the first time, which integrates three mutually complementary scanning probe microscopes: a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), a magnetic force microscope (MFM) and an atomic force microscope (AFM) into one system in an 18/20T superconducting magnet. It can image the same sample with these microscopes in high fields to obtain a more detailed and informative knowledge of the sample at microscopic level, and is ideally suitable for the studies of complicated strongly correlated electronic systems. Currently, the tests of the SMA in the 18/20T magnet (SM2) go smoothly and atomically resolved graphite images have been obtained in 18T strong magnetic field, which is the strongest magnetic field for any atomically resolved images.