2014-12-17 Scanning tunneling microscopy evidences for surface electron
2014-12-17 Bias voltage-dependent resonant frequency shift in quartz tuning fork observed
2014-11-26 Structural insight into autoinhibition and histone H3-induced activation of DNMT3A
2014-11-25 Research on Relationship Between Amyloid Aggregation of Antimicrobial Peptides and...
2014-10-14 A Compact Low-Temperature High-field Magnetic Force Microscope Developed
2014-07-28 Evidence of Topological Two-Dimensional Metallic Surface States in Bismuth Nanorib...
2014-07-14 New BTK kinase Inhibitor Developed by International Collaboration
2014-07-10 Artemisinin, a good carrier of natural anti-cancer drug
2014-04-10 Highly Stable Skyrmion State in Helimagnetic MnSi Nanowires revealed
2014-07-07 Highly anisotropic properties explored in manganites by SMA
2014-07-04 New Progress in Magnetostriction by XRD
2014-04-04 One-pot hydrazide-based native chemical ligation for efficient chemical synthesis ...
2014-04-04 Total Synthesis of Membrane Proteins and its Functional Characterization by Signle...
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