2015-12-10 CHMFL Built Static Probe for Solid-State NMR
2015-11-16 Discovery of Another New Indication of “Old Drug” Ibrutinib
2015-11-05 Researchers Successfully Modulated Properties of Organic Single Crystalline NS
2015-08-26 Researchers find ideal single crystal topological superconductor
2015-07-31 New Insight into STIM–ORAI Pathway
2015-07-28 Effective control of film texture and carrier transport by magnetic field achieved...
2015-07-28 CHMFL first realizes electrical probing of single skyrmion
2015-07-27 Discovery of First BTK/MNK Dual Inhibitor
2015-07-27 Discovery of new indication of “old drug” Ibrutinib
2015-07-24 Stabilized skyrmion phase detected in 1D nanowire by uniaxial anisotropy
2015-07-22 SHMFF users find preferential retention of Cu(II) than Ni(II) on montmorillonite a...
2015-06-29 Chinese chemists first utilize magnetic fields to accelerate the catalytic activit...
2015-07-10 CHMFL users confirm the existence of electron traps and hole traps in LuAG:Ce ceramic
2015-06-17 CHMFL user made new progress in Fe-based superconductivity
2015-04-27 Realization of Atomic Resolution STM Imaging at 27T in Water-cooled Magnet
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