2019-09-10 China Develops 10T Split-Coil Superconducting Magnet
2019-08-30 Novel Orally Available Potent Inhibitor Discovered for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tu...
2019-08-02 Old Drug, New Trick: Repurposing Axitinib for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
2019-08-02 Scientists Discover Novel Mutant Selective Kinase Inhibitor for Gastrointestinal S...
2019-07-12 Short Time Exposure to High Magnetic Field is Safe, Scientists Say
2019-07-12 Researchers Propose New Method for Detecting Magnetic Nanosamples
2019-07-12 Researchers Develop New Interferometer Scheme to Detect Orientation of Microwire's...
2019-04-09 Chinese Scientists Reveal Non-saturating Quantum Magnetization in Weyl Semimetal
2019-04-09 SHMFF Users Discover Ultra High Conductivity in Weyl Semimetal NbAs Nanobelts
2019-04-09 SHMFF Users Discover Extraordinary Superconductivity of NbTi Nanowire
2019-04-09 H. Wang
2019-04-09 Drug Repurposing May Help to Fight Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors, New Study Says
2019-04-09 SHMFF Users Discover Quantum Hall Effect Based on Weyl Orbits in Cd3As2
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