Material Research Divisionion

Gerneral Introduction of the Research Fields 


1) Superconductivity and Magnetism: 

(a)Superconductivity of high Tc superconductors (ZHANG changjin's Group,Zhang Yuheng's group)  

(b)Vortex dynamics of ultrathin single-crystal Fe-based superconductors(TIAN Mingliang's group and zhang Yuheng's group) 

(c)Superconductivity in Confined Geometries and Proximity Effect of superconducting nanostructures(TIAN Mingliang's group) 

(d)Helical magnets(TIAN Mingliang's group) 

(e)New superconducting materilas(ZHANG changjin's Group,Sun Yuping's group) 


2)Quantum Phenomena in Low-dimensional Electronic System and Artificial Nanostructures/or Nanodevices: 

(a)Topological Insulators(TIAN Mingliang's group ) 

(b)Graphene (Zhang Fapei's group) 

(c)SdH in single-crystal Bi nanowires and ribbons(TIAN Mingliang's group ) 

(d)Chalcogenides compounds and related layered metarials(Sun Yuping'group and Zhu Xiangde) 


3)Fabrication and Physical Properties of Spin Electronic Materials and Devices: 

(a)Spin-orbit materials(Cao Gang's) 

(b)CMR and multiferroelectrics (Wu Wenbin's group and Sheng Zhigao) 

(c)Organic spintronics devices(ZHANG Fapei's Lab) 


4) Synthesis,Characterization and Analysis of Advanced Functional Materials: 

(a)Chemical synthesis and growth of functional materials under high magnetic fields(Chen Qianwang's group and Sun Yuping'group)  

(b)Characterizatons and Analysis of Microstructures and magnetic structures of materials of by STM, MFM and AFM (LU Qingyou's group)