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Publication Title first Author Year
Oncotarget Characterization of Selective and Potent PI3Kδ Inhibitor (PI3KD-IN-015) for B-Cell Malignances X. Liu 2016
New J. Phys. Size effect on the magnetic phase in Sr4Ru3O10 Y. Liu 2016
Scientific Reports Critical phenomenon of the near room-temperature skyrmion material FeGe L. Zhang 2016
ACS Chemical Biology Discovery of a Highly Selective STK16 Kinase Inhibitor F.Y. Liu 2016
Medicinal Chemistry Discovery of N-(3-((1-Isonicotinoylpiperidin-4-yl)oxy)-4-methylphenyl)-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide (CHMFL-KIT-110) as a Selective,Potent, and Orally Available Type II c-KIT Kinase Inhibitor for GISTs Q. Wang 2016
PNAS Pressure-induced superconductivity in a three-dimensional topological material ZrTe5 Y.H. Zhou 2016
Nano Research Photophysical and electrical properties of organic waveguide nanorods of perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride Y.Y. Han 2016
Physical Review B Transport evidence for three-dimensional Dirac semimetal phase in ZrTe5 G.L. Zheng 2016
Small Novel Mn3[Co(CN)6]2@SiO2@Ag Core–Shell Nanocube: Enhanced Two-Photon Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Dual-Modal Imaging-Guided Photothermal and Chemo-therapy H. WU 2015
Nature Communications Evolution and Control of the Phase Competition Morphology in a Manganite Film H.B. ZHOU 2015
Oncotarget Ibrutinib selectively and irreversibly targets EGFR (L858R, Del19) mutant but is moderately resistant to EGFR (T790M) mutant NSCLC Cells H. WU 2015
Nature Communications Edge-mediated skyrmions chain and its collective dynamics H.F. DU 2015
Nanoscale Preparation, Optical and Electrical Properties of PTCDA Nanostructures Y.Y. HAN 2015
Journal of the American Chemical Society Superconductivity with Topological Surface State in SrxBi2Se3 Z.H LIU 2015
Nature Communications Inside-out Ca2+ signalling prompted by STIM1 conformational switch G.L. MA 2015
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