Research Areas (Initiatives)

Research Areas (Initiatives)

Material Science

The material science division focuses on designing, synthesizing, apprehending and improving new materials and/or long-time-known materials, which are equally important for fundamental research as well as technological application. We are also highly motivated by profound problems and tempting proposals in condensed matter physics and material physics.  


Our research interest includes by not limited to the following topics:  

1. High-Tc Superconductivity:

(discovery of new-type superconducting materials, unconventional superconductivity mechanism, magnetic flux dynamics) 

2. New-type quantum materials and nano-scale device fabrication

(Multifield manipulation of quantum materials in extreme environment of low temperature, high pressure and high magnetic field. Exploring emergent phenomena due to dimensional confinement.) 

3. Magnetic functional materials and spintronics

(Develop advanced magnetic characterization technique; Manipulating physical properties of magnetic functional materials; Designing logics based on magnetoelectric effect and constructing demo-like device). 

4. Special functional materials

(Synthesis of special functional materials under high magnetic field; Optic and magneto-optical effect of functional material, Organic Optoelectronic Devices)

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